Here Are Some Ways You Can Curb the Spread of COVID-19 Misinformation.

In the fight to curb the spread of the pandemic, we must address the threat of misinformation. The emergence of the deadly coronavirus led to an abundance of information being spread from all kinds of sources, causing an infodemic. An infodemic is regarded as excessive information—including false or misleading information—in digital and physical settings during […]

Let’s Take a Dive Into The COVID-19 Vaccine Glossary.

Coronavirus-related terms and phrases have become regular fixtures in news headlines and have become a part of our vocabulary. The COVID-19 vaccines —which have brought hope for people globally—have also introduced us to a bunch of words and terms, some of which you might not understand. We’ll be highlighting a few in this article, and […]

15 African Countries have met the 10% Covid-19 Vaccination Target

”Countries such as South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana, among others, have benefited greatly as a result of their ability to meet the target. Countries with smaller populations, such as Seychelles (98,462 people as of 2020) and Comoros (869,595), were able to join this list”