Celebrating The Strength and Persistence of Nigeria’s Inspirational Women

We celebrate the strength, resilience, and achievements of women worldwide. At Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund, we recognize the unique challenges faced by women in Nigeria and are committed to supporting their empowerment.

Women have been instrumental in promoting accountability, good governance, and immunization in Nigeria. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has been facing numerous health challenges, including low immunization coverage rates.

In Nigeria, women face significant economic and social advancement barriers, including limited access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. These challenges are even more pronounced for women in rural areas and those from marginalized communities.

Despite these challenges, they have shown remarkable resilience and determination. They have taken on leadership roles in their communities, stayed at the forefront of efforts to improve immunization and healthcare outcomes in Nigeria, fought for their rights, and advocated for change.

At Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund, we are proud to stand in solidarity with these women, women’s groups and organizations and support their efforts to create a better future for themselves and their families.

One such women is Dr. Tomi Coker, the Honourable Commissioner for Health, Ogun state. Her administration led to the successful vaccination campaign drive of eligible Nigerian citizens in NPHCDA-NSSF COVID-19 vaccine distribution and administration.

This campaign was an initiative of the Ogun State Primary Health Care Development Board and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, aimed at vaccinating more residents of the state. NSSF is proud to be a part of this successful campaign.

With more women taking up leadership roles in government and healthcare, we can expect to see even more significant progress in the coming years. It is essential to continue advocating for gender equality and empowering women to contribute to building healthier and more equitable societies.

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