Frequently Asked Questions

The Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF) has been developed by Nigerians for Nigerians, through a joint effort of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) and Global Citizen Nigeria to support funding for the nation’s COVID-19 response, recovery, and mitigation efforts.

NSSF will fund initiatives which advance its three core COVID-19 response, mitigation, and recovery  objectives:

  1. Health system strengthening; with an emphasis on building resilient primary healthcare systems, and ensuring future health system security. 
  2. Supporting Nigeria’s most vulnerable populations and communities in their recovery and mitigation efforts.
  3. Reskilling the Nigerian youth and workforce development in anticipation of an emerging  post-COVID-19 economy.

Grants will be awarded in support of projects that advance the three core objectives of the NSSF and will target the most vulnerable communities.

The amount of each grant award will vary across projects and will be determined by the NSSF board of directors. Award priority will be given to projects where NSSF can leverage other public and private funding; NSSF funds are not intended to replace public funds but rather as a complement.

While the anticipated need in Nigeria is exponential, an initial fundraising goal of US$50 million/NGN20 billion (spanning the next 10 years) has been established for this fund. 

Annually, The Fund plans to raise at least N2billion to enable the implementation of its three core objectives.

The NSSF operates a formal governance framework led by a Statutory Board, responsible for statutory and legal issues. The Statutory Board is supported by an Advisory Board on issues of policy and operational oversight. The Statutory Board is made up of trustees and administrative agents of the critical partners of the Fund. You can find more information on the members of the Statutory and Advisory boards here.

Yes. Donations made directly on the Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund website are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by Nigerian law. 

Of the donations made to the NSSF, 95% will be issued as grants to implementing agencies in support of the Fund’s three core objectives. To manage and administer the Fund and support all Fund operations, 5% of all donations will be used to process donations and cover associated fund management costs.

Global Citizen is providing marketing and advocacy support and the NSIA is serving as the fund manager in a pro bono capacity.

The Fund is supported by philanthropists, multilateral organisations, Nigerian citizens, and Nigerians in the diaspora — and anyone can donate. Additional support for the Fund will come from stakeholders across the public and private sectors.

NSSF is committed to full transparency and reporting around funding awards, use of funds, and overall fund impact.

The Fund will publicly share a running total of funds committed on its website, as well as quarterly downloadable reports that detail how these funds have been allocated, to help stakeholders understand how their funds are delivering measurable impact in Nigerian communities. An independent external firm will provide auditing services annually.

Fund management for the NSSF will be carried out by the NSIA, a leading global agency with a reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence in sovereign wealth management. 

The funds raised will be disbursed to implementing agencies who are best positioned for delivering impact in the identified areas of focus and the Fund’s core objectives. 

This will be done through a public tender and transparent selection process. The selection of implementing partners, impact reporting (to be carried out on a quarterly basis at a minimum), and grant management will be provided by an independent grant management authority annually.

The fund accepts contributions through various payment channels including direct bank transfers, via its website and wire transfer. Donations from international companies, philanthropists and multilateral organizations will be paid through Citibank and Access Bank. 

For more information on how to make contributions, please visit our ‘Donate’ page

The Fund is open to donations from individuals, corporations, foundations, or other organizations. Donors must abide by the Fund’s due diligence policies. All donations over US$100,000 require a mandatory 48-hour due diligence screening and a Letter of Intent (LOI) which outlines how the commitment will be recognised, disbursed, and reported on.

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