COVID-19 Vaccines: Myths And Facts

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It is well over a year since the world got plagued by the deadly and highly contagious corona virus (Covid-19). Officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) in March 2020, the virus had managed to proliferate and spread across multiple communities despite the social distancing and other precautionary measures to stop the transmission. The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented situation globally, causing millions of deaths and major damage to the world economy.

Despite the development and roll-out of vaccines, there is still high level of hesitancy about the safety and effectiveness of these vaccines due to the several myths circulating about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Let’s review and bust some of these common myths:

Myth: The Covid-19 vaccine is not safe because it was developed too quickly.

Fact: Covid-19 had become an emergency that warranted speedy response due to the alarming rate of transmission & deaths. Many pharmaceutical companies invested significant resources into quickly developing the vaccine to curb the spread, this does not mean that safety protocols were bypassed, or adequate testing were not performed.

Myth: There are severe side effects of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Fact: All medical vaccines come with the possibility of mild, short-term side effects -including the COVID-19 vaccines. These are usually mild and go away on their own within a few days – the possibility of serious or long term-effects is rare. All COVID-19 vaccines are monitored to ensure no adverse effects are detected and are modified accordingly to ensure the safety of patients. Side effects of COVID-19 can include fever, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, diarrhea, and pain/redness at the injection site (usually arm). Mild side effects can be managed at home with lots of rest and plenty of water. Where side effects do not subside after a few days– contact your doctor or healthcare provider immediately.

Myth: The Covid-19 vaccine can modify our DNA.

Fact: The vaccine does not interact with our DNA in any way. The vaccine delivers instructions (genetic materials) to our cells to start building protection against the virus that caused Covid-19. However, the material cannot penetrate our cell nucleus, which is where our DNA resides.

Myth: Receiving the Covid-19 vaccine can cause one to become magnetic.

Fact: No. Receiving the Covid-19 vaccine will not make you magnetic, including the site of the vaccination which is usually your arm. Covid-19 vaccines do not contain ingredients that can produce an electromagnetic field at the site of the injection. All Covid-19 vaccines are free from metals.

Myth: Covid-19 vaccines is unsafe for pregnant or lactating mothers.

Fact: A study by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggested that pregnant and breastfeeding can receive the vaccine. There is no evidence that the COVID19 vaccines affect fertility, the growing fetus, or the breastfeeding baby.

Myth: Once I receive the COVID-19 vaccine, I no longer need to follow restrictions on the virus guidelines.

Fact: In May 2021, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) updated a guideline thus, “as long you are vaccinated you can continue your normal activities without the restrictions unless where required by the government’’. But to be on the safer side, doctors recommend that we adhere to the restriction guidelines until at least 50% of the total world population are vaccinated in order to build herd immunity and curb the virus transmission. While the vaccine prevents you from getting sick with the COVID19 virus, but there is no proof that you cannot transmit it to another person, so for now, we recommend adhering to all the safety and restriction guidelines.

Myth: You can get the COVID19 virus when you get the COVID19 vaccination.

Fact: No. None of the authorized COVID19 vaccines contain a live virus of corona. The vaccine is like a teacher or guardian that directs our immune system to recognize and defeat the virus. It takes a few days for our body to create full immunity after vaccination.

Myth: Covid-19 survivors do not need to get vaccinated.

Fact: There is not enough information currently available to say if or for how long after infection someone is protected from getting COVID-19 again. This is called natural immunity. Early evidence suggests natural immunity from COVID-19 may not last very long, but more studies are needed to better understand this. However, it is advisable for survivors to get the vaccination. If in doubt, please contact your doctor or health practitioner.

Myth: My faith is strong, so I do not need the Covid-19 vaccine.

Fact: Covid-19 has affected people of different faiths, but with vaccination, it is safer for all of us to go to our places of worship or fellowship together.

Myth: I am at greater risk of getting sick from another illness if I get vaccinated.

Fact: This is not true. There is no proof that you are getting the COVID19 vaccines will get you sick or increase your chances of getting another illness.

Myth: Can my menstrual circle be affected when sitting or socializing with someone who has been vaccinated?

Fact: This is not true. Infections, change in diet, change in exercise, problems with sleep, change in your schedule, and stress are some of the reasons that affect your menstrual circle not being close to someone who has been vaccinated.


With the virus mutating and the discovery of the more contagious and dangerous delta variant spreading, the race to get more people vaccinated has become more urgent than ever. Therefore, the Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF) has set a mission to mobilize resources and get at least one million Nigerians vaccinated by 2022. Join the NSSF in this mission by donating your quota, the race to save our people is in our hands. It is quick and easy to support the NSSF by pledging your support and actively making a difference, in the following ways:

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      All donations will be used to acquire vaccines and reduce barriers to vaccination.

  2. SHARE: Spread the NSSF message across social media and WhatsApp.
  3. PLEDGE: Become an advocate of our mission and take a pledge to support the fund.
  4. CORPORATE SUPPORT: Corporate support is critical to the mission to vaccinate Nigerians.






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