Vaccinations: Protecting & saving Nigerians from Covid-19.

  Interview with NSSF Board Chairman, Babatunde Folawiyo!

It is clear that life will not remain the same after COVID-19.

In a recent interview on Channels Television, our Chairman, Mr. Babatunde Folawiyo explained how the Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF) is working to help Nigeria and Nigerians cope with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, our quest to raise funds to vaccinate at least one million Nigerians and how partnerships, especially with Global Citizen, is helping the push to achieve our mission.

“The Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF) was set up specifically to help Nigeria and Nigerians cope with the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic. It seeks to help transform the lives of vulnerable Nigerians, strengthen healthcare systems and reskill the Nigerian workforce.

The NSSF is positioned to ensure that Nigeria and Nigerians can thrive post-COVID.

But in the immediate, the goal is to vaccinate at least one million Nigerians over the next couple of months. We could do more, but the goal is a minimum of one million vulnerable Nigerians.”

“The short-term goal is to address the vaccination issue, speed up the programme and increase the level of vaccination. In the midterm, we’ll work to strengthen the health care system, and the deepen availability of health care to every Nigerian. For the long term, we aim to skill our youths to remain competitive in the digital world. Technology is going to be key, so in everything and every way, creativity, art and entertainment we need to give our youths the required skill to flourish.”

“This is not something that we can do alone. So, we are working with partners across various sectors to achieve this objective. Global Citizen is an important partner. We are also calling on all well-meaning Nigerians to join hands with us to help us reach the goal of N20 billion (approximately $50 million).

We are targeting all Nigerians. Everyone donation will be acknowledged and appreciated, and every giver duly recognized.”

It is quick and easy to support the NSSF by pledging your support and actively making a difference, in the following ways:

  1. DONATE:
    • Support the NSSF movement by donating at
    • Make direct transfer to these accounts


      Account Name

      Account Number

      Sort Code


      Access Bank Plc

      Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund




      Access Bank Plc

      Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund




      All donations will be used to acquire vaccines and reduce barriers to vaccination.

  2. SHARE: Spread the NSSF message across social media and WhatsApp.
  3. PLEDGE: Become an advocate of our mission and take a pledge to support the fund.
  4. CORPORATE SUPPORT: Corporate support is critical to the mission to vaccinate Nigerians.

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