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Miracle Elvis Ifesinachi: A Journey from Aspiring Writer to Digital Journalist

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3:00pm WAT

Thursday, 3 August 2023


In the vibrant streets of Lagos, where dreams meet challenges, we meet Miracle Elvis Ifesinachi, fondly known as “Elvis.” He’s not your ordinary intern; he’s a finalist of the 2022 WeNaija Literary Contest, an initiative by Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund to empower youth aged 15 to 35, providing a platform for healthcare advocacy. In this inspiring success story, we explore his path from aspiring writer to digital journalist, offering valuable insights for all.

Miracle’s journey begins with the familiar struggles many young Nigerians face—limited access to opportunities and an uncertain future. Nigeria, like other nations, faces healthcare challenges compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF) recognized this issue and organized a writing contest to engage youth like Miracle in advocating for healthcare, youth empowerment, poverty alleviation, and improved health outcomes in Nigeria.

Miracle’s transformation began with his participation in the WeNaija Literary Contest in 2022. This contest not only recognized his talent but also led to a life-changing internship at ARISE News. As one of the top 20 finalists in the short story category, he secured an internship with ARISE News, a global TV station known for its comprehensive coverage of the End SARS movement. In just five months, he evolved into a confident digital journalist.

At ARISE Digital, Miracle collaborated with a dedicated team led by supervisor and mentor Keisha Gitari, who believed in turning challenges into opportunities. Together, they aimed to make information accessible, engaging, and impactful on social media platforms. Their collective efforts began to yield remarkable results.

Miracle’s internship marked the start of his hands-on experience in digital journalism. Despite challenges such as long commutes in Lagos traffic and transportation costs, his passion for journalism outweighed these hurdles. He embraced the mantra of “turning things around” instilled by Keisha, enabling him to deliver quality content within tight deadlines.

Miracle’s resilience and adaptability allowed him to conquer obstacles and embrace the concept of being an “actor” in various scenarios. His mantra became “when there’s a will, there’s a way,” emphasizing the importance of resourcefulness.

Miracle’s story isn’t just about personal success; it’s a testament to resilience and the potential of young Nigerians to effect change. His journey demonstrates that with passion, collaboration, and adaptability, anyone can transform challenges into opportunities.

His message is simple yet powerful: “Just keep pressing on.” Challenges are part of the journey, but determination and adaptability can lead to success. Utilize what you have, and remember, teamwork can achieve more than individual efforts.

Miracle Elvis Ifesinachi’s journey inspires those striving to make a positive impact. As we celebrate his success, we also celebrate the potential within every young Nigerian and the opportunities that arise when dreams are pursued with dedication and resilience.

Are you aged 18 to 35, eager to turn your dreams into reality? Take inspiration from Miracle’s journey and join the change-makers. His transition from a writing contest participant to a digital journalist at ARISE News showcases how Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund empowers young Nigerians. As we celebrate success stories like Miracle’s, stay tuned to NSSF’s website for more inspiring stories and opportunities for growth and empowerment. Your transformation journey starts now.

You can watch his presentation on Arise news here.

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