Take Action

Nigeria needs a movement of citizens participating in development from young people, to leaders, to influencers — Nigerians who want to get involved to make a difference.
Make a simple, but profound, pledge to symbolise your commitment to stand in support of the Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund.

I pledge to support efforts to build a nation in which the most vulnerable are not left behind, where our health care systems are upgraded for future response efforts, and where everyone, regardless of status, can access affordable, quality health care.

A nation where the Nigerian youth are empowered to meet the demands of changing times and where in peace and plenty, Nigeria is blessed.

I’m adding my voice in support of building a new Nigeria post COVID-19 through the Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund.

If we act together, we can win together and emerge from this crisis stronger than we were before. We need everyone to act — Nigerians at home and in the diaspora, communities, philanthropists, businesses, and multilateral organisations. Only then can we create a better future for all Nigerians.

Thank you for taking action.