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About the Contest

The 2023 WeNaija Campaign aims to involve Nigerian youth in raising awareness and uptake of HPV vaccines by participating in a video content creation contest through social media.

With this years contest, we want to;

  • Increase the awareness of benefits and availability of HPV vaccines in Nigeria.
  • Empower Nigerian youths with the skills and knowledge for video content creation.
  • Increase opportunities for global employment via social media.

This WeNaija Literary Contest edition is themed, “Righting our Story”. The WeNaija Contest provides an innovative and advocacy platform that promotes community participation in advocacy for our priority areas which involves supporting the vulnerable Nigerians, strengthening healthcare systems, and reskilling the Nigerian workforce population.
This year’s WeNaija Contest is a writer’s contest that seeks to create an image through written content of how the vision of a healthier Nigeria should be. This can be expressed either as poetry, short stories, or non-fiction prose or flash fiction. Participants can write their perspectives either through a negative perspective (what it currently is) or a positive outcome (what it should be) of real life situations around them showing how we must strive to transform health outcomes in Nigeria.
With this contest, we want to support the building of participants’ capacity on the use of digital tools
and applications for writing, editing, publishing, promotion, and skill marketing. The expected outcome is increased opportunities for global employment via the internet.

Benefits to sponsor

By helping sponsor The WeNaija 2023 Contest, you will help our targeted audience and participants
associate your organization with a specific cause and corporate social responsibility. This type of
partnership will align your organization with philanthropic causes, which means that audiences can now
associate the brand with both a general sense of social good as well as the charitable cause itself.

Grants that support the Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund’s three core objectives will be awarded on a rolling basis over the next 18 months. Priority will be given to funding proposals that are cross-cutting and speak to one or more of the following objectives:

  • Supporting Vulnerable Populations
  • Health Systems Resilience 
  • Reskilling and Retooling of Nigeria’s Youth

Grants awards will vary across projects and will be determined by the approval of the NSSF board of directors. NSSF funds are not intended to replace public funds but rather to complement these.

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