Might Nigeria Have Inadequate Surveillance for The Endemic Monkeypox?

With the incessant outbreak and spread of the rare infectious zoonotic disease, Monkey Pox, in Africa, endemic countries like Nigeria should have a heightened surveillance of the disease. The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has newly confirmed 21 new cases of this disease on Sunday, September 13th, 2022, which goes to confirm that this disease is still very much around.

NSSF Recognizes International Overdose Awareness Day

Overdoses can occur to anyone from any background, anywhere in the world, as drug addiction knows no boundaries. International Overdose Awareness Day, observed annually on August 31st, aims to raise awareness of overdose deaths worldwide and inspire people to take action.  In an effort to bring attention to one of the worst public health crises […]

Brain Drain in Nigeria

The now brewing discourse around the loss of human capital, dubbed brain drain, is not  entirely new in Nigeria, but, of course, it has become more generally concerning as Nigeria loses its best wind-shield wipers to better economies. Stability in all spheres of life is truly  enticing and Nigerians, now more than ever, are more aware and willing […]

World Humanitarian Day 2022

We celebrate thousands of heroes who wear no capes but support the vulnerable, and collaborative efforts to increase appreciation and support for humanitarian causes. Indeed, it takes a village to raise a child by “supporting a person in a humanitarian crisis.”