WeNaija Awareness to Action Campaign 2023: Empowering Nigerian Youth for Health Advocacy

Nigeria’s strength lies in its vibrant youth, representing an estimated 74.9 million individuals aged 18-35 as reported by populationpyramid. As this demographic continues to grow, strategic investments in youth development become paramount. Empowering these young voices is key to harnessing their diverse perspectives, building confidence, and fostering leadership skills. The WeNaija Campaign 2023 is a […]

The HPV Challenge in Nigeria: Bridging the Gap to Better Health

In Nigeria’s intricate healthcare landscape, a hidden adversary looms large, threatening the well-being of millions. Human Papillomavirus (HPV), an insidious and widespread virus, operates in the shadows, posing a profound challenge to the nation’s health. HPV, known for infecting various body parts, is a prevalent sexually transmitted infection, often silent but harboring the potential for […]

Pillars of health and benefits of a strengthened health system

NSSF: Pillars of health and benefits of a strengthened health system

Let’s talk about the importance of accountability and governance in the Nigerian healthcare system. It’s no secret that the lack of accountability and weak governance structures have contributed to poor healthcare outcomes in the country. But don’t worry, there are some recommendations that can help improve the situation. Firstly, the Nigerian government needs to strengthen […]

Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF) Marks World Immunization Week: Focuses on Catching Up on Missed Vaccines

The World Immunization Week 2023, which runs from April 24th to April 30th, under the theme “The Big Catchup” emphasizes the importance of catching up on missed vaccinations due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected healthcare services worldwide, including immunization services. This has resulted in many children and […]

Key factors to consider for improving accountability of service delivery in the health sector

NSSF: Key factors to consider for improving accountability of service delivery in the health sector

In Nigeria, accountability, transparency, and good governance are critical for effective and efficient healthcare service delivery. The health sector is responsible for ensuring the populace’s well-being, making accountability in healthcare paramount for improving healthcare outcomes and increasing citizens’ trust in the health sector. Accountability in healthcare means healthcare providers and organizations are responsible for their […]

Protecting the Most Vulnerable through Vaccination

NSSF: Protecting the Most Vulnerable through Vaccination

Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, yet many people worldwide lack access to even the most basic healthcare services. This is particularly true for women and children, often our community’s most vulnerable and marginalized members. For women, lack of access to healthcare can have devastating consequences, including maternal mortality and morbidity, unintended pregnancies, […]

Reducing TB Incidence in Nigeria: The Power of Vaccination and Data Analysis

NSSF Post: Reducing TB Incidence in Nigeria: The Power of Vaccination and Data Analysis

In Nigeria, Tuberculosis (TB) remains a significant health problem, with many people falling ill and dying. Nigeria ranks 6th among the 30 countries with highest TB burden in the world and 1st in Africa. Nigeria comes third behind only India and China in terms of tuberculosis cases. Every year, around 245,000 Nigerians die from tuberculosis […]

Celebrating The Strength and Persistence of Nigeria’s Inspirational Women

We celebrate the strength, resilience, and achievements of women worldwide. At Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund, we recognize the unique challenges faced by women in Nigeria and are committed to supporting their empowerment. Women have been instrumental in promoting accountability, good governance, and immunization in Nigeria. Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has been facing […]

Nigeria’s Plan to Achieve Herd Immunity: Vaccination for All

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Nigeria, expanding access to vaccines has become a top priority for the government. But, despite the efforts of health authorities, vaccine hesitancy remains a major obstacle to achieving herd immunity. So, how can we build community confidence in vaccines and overcome this challenge? One of the key drivers […]

NSSF Fireside Chat Explores Digital Literacy’s Impact on Healthcare in Nigeria

The Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF) on the 14th of December 2022, organized a fireside conversation to discuss the role of digital literacy in improving health outcomes in Nigeria. The discussion was aimed at educating the public on the importance of digital literacy and technology-enabled care (TEC) in improving healthcare outcomes in Nigeria. The conversation […]