NSSF Fireside Chat Explores Digital Literacy’s Impact on Healthcare in Nigeria

The Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund (NSSF) on the 14th of December 2022, organized a fireside conversation to discuss the role of digital literacy in improving health outcomes in Nigeria. The discussion was aimed at educating the public on the importance of digital literacy and technology-enabled care (TEC) in improving healthcare outcomes in Nigeria. The conversation […]

Brain Drain in Nigeria

The now brewing discourse around the loss of human capital, dubbed brain drain, is not  entirely new in Nigeria, but, of course, it has become more generally concerning as Nigeria loses its best wind-shield wipers to better economies. Stability in all spheres of life is truly  enticing and Nigerians, now more than ever, are more aware and willing […]

World Humanitarian Day 2022

We celebrate thousands of heroes who wear no capes but support the vulnerable, and collaborative efforts to increase appreciation and support for humanitarian causes. Indeed, it takes a village to raise a child by “supporting a person in a humanitarian crisis.”

Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria

Some see health care as a fundamental right, while others see it as a commodity. Universal health care (UHC) has progressed from an ambition to a reality in most industrialized countries in just over a century, but not all. However, for many people, particularly in poor countries, it remains a pipe dream. Never before has […]

There’s A Lot More Happening With Our Primary Healthcare Than You Think

The healthcare system bears a great deal of responsibility, and rightly so. Furthermore, Adam Smith famously stated that a nation’s wealth is dependent on its people because there is evidence of a link between health and economic advancement. The Primary Healthcare Journey (PHC) Policymakers and political actors tried unsuccessfully to expand healthcare facilities until Professor […]

A Roundtable On Vaccine Confidence and Education In Nigerian Communities

Maintaining and growing confidence in vaccination is an urgent public health issue. Research, development and communications around quality vaccines has been on the rise ever since. The COVID-19 pandemic gave us all a glimpse into what the world looks like without vaccination. Clinical trials and surveillance have shown that vaccines have a favorable safety and […]

2021 – A year of collaboration, connection and making impact

Welcome to 2022, and on behalf of the Nigeria Solidarity Support Fund, I would like to thank you for your support in the past year. Looking back, there is so much to be proud of. We recorded significant success and made progress in our key impact areas and this is due primarily to your unwavering […]